40 Years of Planning and Design


Mackey Mitchell Architects

Our clients often have a powerful sense of their institution's history,
and they want to partner with architects who respect that history.
We believe in design solutions that are always appropriate
to the challenge.
We create places and experiences that inspire and
are at ease with nature and their context.
We consistently receive high marks for trust, overall service,
dependability, creativity and chemistry with team members.
We strive to create architecture that is beautiful,
innovative, and inspiring.
We believe good architecture must be efficient, comprehensible
and manageable for our clients.
We respect each institution's history and understand the responsibility
of designing buildings that will be used for 25, 50, or even 100 years.
We are nationally recognized experts in designing for student life,
consistently creating signature campus buildings.
We come to the design process with open minds and respect
for a client's desires while fully considering the fiscal reality.
Committed to sustainable design, we helped transform a
former industrial site into a LEED-Platinum certified landmark.
We know that true, deep collaboration with our client
is the only way to solve real problems.